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The future looks fabulous. Getting started with making wearable tech.

The first steps are sometimes the hardest to take. We wanted to show you some techniques to motivate, inspire, and for getting those wearable tech projects off the ground. These techniques and so much more are in The Ultimate Guide to Informed Wearables.

First up: 3D Printer pens!

A 3D printer pen can make prototyping FAST and actually fabulous. You can use these pens with TPU, a type of flexible plastic that can embed fabrics just enough to allow electronics to stay in place. Our 3D printer pen comes with a sample of TPU so you don't have to buy a large quantity.


Starting with circuits to help you learn, and adding complexity (if it needs it!) as you go, can be a great way to prototype.

Using components you are interested in - makes interesting circuits! This started out on a breadboard but was moved to 'body' for a wearable design. This was done using the small but feature-packed Gemma M0 board from Adafruit.

Keep it simple

Creating simple circuits helps you to learn the concepts. This circuit was part of a workshop, and we used nature to create movement.

Touching the leaf allows for input to be received by a circuit board. This then triggers movement from a servo motor. These circuits were integrated into clothing that reacted with nature.

Making your own sensors

Because we have conductive materials, we can create our own sensors too.

This sensor is for flex / pressure, and it makes for a unique, lightweight, portable, and perfectly designed for the wearable and its purpose. When we make our own sensors, we can have them soft, flexible, contoured for the body, and fit for purpose.

The Future!

We see that components are becoming affordable, small, and varieties are increasing constantly. The future holds great things for wearable tech and starting to prototype and make now, allows you the freedom to experiment and have fun as new sensors and outputs are made!

Usage, purpose and planning are essential, these are only a few ideas to help you get started. I've written a book about wearables and there are planning and prototyping chapters that you might be interested in reading. Or enter to win a copy!

Time to get making

Now it's your turn. Choose some of these unique boards to start your own projects, or follow along as you're learning with some of my tutorials. Please leave a comment or question below.