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The countdown begins! Tinker Tailor is relocating!

Updated: Mar 16

Important news to update our customers, Tinker Tailor is relocating from the UK to Canada (Nova Scotia) so with that, our workshops, inventory, and shipping information will be changing.

However, our amazing service, help and advice, product support, and range of wearables circuitry items will remain super awesome. We still support the community.

The move will help us to realize our dream of having seasonal residential workshops (in a forest!), and other fun opportunities for and with the maker community in Canada.

What does this mean for you?

Our site remains online and you can still see all our information, but while we are in transit (over the ocean for many weeks unfortunately) we won't be able to ship any orders (after April 15th) because we won't be able to get to our stock.

We are still available for information, support, and those other important things including preorders, or if you'd like us to make kits for your classes and workshops.

Only the delivery departure location and delivery times will change. I don't have the details of the changes to shipping costs - Canadian postage has several options so I need to keep researching that aspect.

This has been a difficult decision and we debated if we should ship certain stock items by air to our new location, or how we should manage it, but we think that although this will cause short-term inconvenience, we will still be making tutorials, updating our product range and stock numbers, and working to make Tinker Tailor the number one place for all things wearable!

We hope to be shipping orders again by June 2023 or sooner, depending on the transport.

What's the TLDR on this then?

TLDR: Shipping costs will change & we will be unable to ship orders after APRIL 11th.

Our last possible date to process your orders and ship from the UK will be April 11th. If there are items you'd like to order please get them in before this date, which has £0 shipping costs to the UK for orders over £30.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to serving you in an even bigger way with more tutorials, information, and supplies over the coming year!

~ Christine

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