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About Tinker Tailor & Christine

led filament on felt glove

Hello. I love electronics, components, making, and trying to create something to improve our daily lives. Combine that together and the field of wearables hits the mark! I've also written a book on Wearables, so check it out if you can!

When I was learning to use components and Arduino, I was a student, and sometimes I just wanted to buy a small number of things, and try and experiment. It can be difficult to find all the things needed when making wearables. This is why tinker tailor - I hope - will fill this need.

  • We make sample packs of things so you don't have to get huge quantities,

  • and I'm trying to get everything for wearables in one place.


As a student, I always found myself looking at so many websites not knowing what I should be getting - what were all the things for electronics & sewing? Why should I use Fraycheck? What's so good about silicone wires? We want to answer your questions.


I want this to be your one-stop wearable shop!

This is a mom & pop operation at the moment. I feel there is a need to get everything wearable in one place, and over time I will manage it - but, I want to do it right.

I want to provide items that will help to make informed wearables, and I want to provide hints, tips, tutorials, or code for how it works or why to use it. This will take time - so please support me on this journey of getting the items that you want, with the advice and tutorials to match! Send in your suggestions!

Lastly, the items that are tailor-made for wearables, 3D printed, designed, laser cut etc, are made by my partner at Pegg Industries and if you want to know more about me then please visit my personal site

Lastly again - if you've made it this far, we don't plan on doing promo codes because we want to focus on our quality and resources, but if you want a freebie in your order and you're one of the people who support tinker tailor then ask for a cheeky freebie when you order. Thanks for getting to the end!

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